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How we’re raising the bar in the Web3 hiring process.

Specializing in Web3 Jobs

We focus exclusively on Web3 freelancer work, connecting hiring parties with top-tier vetted talent in the Crypto & Blockchain space.

Quality over Quantity

Our thorough application process filters through high-quality Web3 freelancers, mitigating trust issues & raising the quality of task delivery.

Secure Transactions

With our escrow system, payments are held safely until the task is completed to both parties’ satisfaction.

Community & Support

Our Everbuilder hub is a thriving community for Web3 professionals & builders to network. Our team offers tailored advice & specialised assistance for your career growth & building needs.

Competitive Fees

We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry, making Everbuild more cost-efficient for projects to hire & freelancers to earn.

Meet our Featured Freelancers:

Top Quality Talent in the Crypto Space


2 – 5 Years
$50 / hr


2 – 5 Years
$30 / hr


2 – 5 Years
$35 / hr


2 – 5 Years
$20 / hr


5.0 (2)
10+ Years
$60 / hr


2 – 5 Years
$20 / hr


5.0 (2)
6 – 9 Years
$40 / hr


See what our clients have to say about us!
Everbuild testimonial provide:web3-bandit

Web3 Bandit (Freelancer)

”Everbuild is a great community as value providers in Web3. It’s an incredible environment where builders can network and find synergy. Finding a work via Everbuild was a seamless process. Big thanks to the team!”

Web3 Bandit

Content Writer

Bubits (Freelancer)

”One of my favourite platforms that actually resolves a problem in finding decent paid opportunities in the space. They’ve helped me land many jobs so far.”


Content Creator
everbuild testimonial:tom

Tom (Freelancer)

”I had the opportunity to work with Everbuild & see behind the scenes. Apart from the fact that it was a great experience to work on this project, I was able to observe the determination & vision that all the participants put into it. The team is building something special for the  long term.”


Community management
Everbuild testimonial:alen clo

Alen Clo (Freelancer)

”The team at Everbuild has been instrumental in providing guidance & support along my journey in Web3 and my job searching. Their responsiveness & attentiveness have made me feel valued as a member of their community.

Whenever I had questions or needed support, they were always just a message away, ready to assist with patience & expertise. Their team goes above & beyond to bridge any knowledge gap in Web3 & beyond, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn & grow.”

Alen Clo

Freelance artist and consultant
Everbuild testimonial: polar panda

Polar Panda (Freelancer)

”Everbuild has truly transformed my professional life by opening up endless opportunities & connecting me with my dream job. What sets Everbuild apart is the commitment to quality & trust. 

Everbuild provides so much value to the close-knit community by thoroughly vetting clients, ensuring they are reputable & reliable. This gives the community members a secure & transparent environment to negotiate, set fair prices & establish clear project responsibilities & milestones. The simplicity of job posting & applying helped save me lots of time and effort.

The platform has elevated my freelancing career to new heights, allowing me to thrive in a competitive marketplace.”

Polar Panda

Collaboration Outreach
everbuild testimonial:leen

Leen | WEOM (Hiring)

”The rigor of their screening process not only ensures quality & trust but also mirrors Everbuild’s commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in the employment process.

A standout figure in my experience was Co-Founder Gregory, who took personalized service to another level. He followed up diligently, ensuring that all elements of the process were aligned & moving forward. He also actively sought my feedback on applicants, demonstrating a deep-rooted concern for continuous improvement & personal growth for freelancers in the community.”

Leen | WEOM

Community Head
Everbuild testimonal:steven

Steven | Eminent (Hiring)

”I joined Everbuild looking for someone to fill a marketing role with pretty niche knowledge. Literally within seconds of posting the job I had qualified candidates reaching out to me. Ended up hiring multiple candidates as they had the relevant experience that we couldn’t find searching on other freelance job platforms.

Also loved how the Everbuild lead, Gregory, directly reached out to me to share his thoughts on candidates that applied. Appreciated his honesty, really felt like he was trying to find my business the best fit.  Definitely will be coming back to Everbuild for future hires, highly recommend.”

Steven | Eminent

Everbuild testimonial provider: KJ

KJ | Refmint (Hiring)

”I found Nathaniel (Freelancer) here at Everbuild & he’s done an excellent job writing content for our project.

The process of finding him was really easy & I quickly got the opportunity to speak to a number of high-quality candidates for the position.

I definitely plan to use the platform again for future hires & would strongly recommend it to others who are trying to find Web3 talent.”

KJ | Refmint

Everbuild testimonial provider: oro

Oro | Minder (Hiring)

”Using Everbuild here allowed me to connect with talent who became artists for my NFT collection.

Gregory is a true leader & and we can see the passion the team has to make Everbuild a leader in the Web3 hiring business.”


Oro | Minder

Everbuild testimonial provider: Andrew Forte

Andrew Forte | Dappd (Hiring)

”We have had a ton of success, creating a recruiting/hiring funnel; leveraging the EVB platform with the scaling of our development team.

I encourage the use of the platform for all those looking to assist with their recruitment & interest in talent.”

Andrew Forte | Dappd

Director of Marketing

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