At Everbuild, we prioritize the safety, security, and trust of our users. In line with this commitment, we have established a clear policy on how we handle user funds in the event of a user suspension or ejection from our platform. This policy is designed to protect the interests of all parties involved and to maintain the integrity of our platform.

  • Refunding the User: If a user is suspended or ejected from Everbuild and they have any remaining funds in their account, we will initiate a refund process. The funds will be sent to the user’s preferred crypto wallet, in compliance with all relevant financial regulations.
  • Holding the Funds: In certain circumstances, such as when a dispute is being resolved, we may hold the funds for a specified period of time. Once the issue is resolved, the funds will be appropriately disbursed.
  • Transferring to the Other Party: If a user is suspended or ejected in the middle of a transaction, and the user is found to be at fault for the transaction not being completed, the funds may be transferred to the other party involved in the transaction. This will be done in a manner that is fair and in accordance with our dispute resolution process.
  • Legal Action: In cases where the suspension or ejection is due to illegal activity, we will cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities. The funds may be held or seized as part of a legal investigation.

Please note that the application of this policy will depend on the specific circumstances of each case. We reserve the right to choose the appropriate action based on the nature and severity of the violation that led to the suspension or ejection.

By using Everbuild, you agree to this policy and understand that it is in place to maintain the safety, integrity, and professionalism of our platform. We encourage all users to familiarize themselves with this policy and to conduct their activities on Everbuild in a manner that respects our community guidelines and terms of service.

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