Community Moderator, Curator, Content creator

1-Day Notice

Hello! I am Alen Clo, an artist with a passion for fostering genuine connections within the Web3 ecosystem.

I come from a versatile creative background that stretches from illustrations to producing engaging in real life events and nurturing communities. As the founder of an online art educational membership, I’ve been all about fostering creativity and connections.

In almost 3 years diving deep into Web3, I’ve been an artist, curator, community builder, and a friendly Discord moderator for art projects. My passion lies in weaving connections and sparking genuine interactions within the Web3 realm. I am interested in creating a space that’s both meaningful and empathic, making it easy for newcomers to hop on board

Don’t hesitate to reach out for further information about my background, including my involvement in Web3 Art communities that I have both facilitated and am presently engaged with.

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